The Benefits of Partnering With Capner Business Capital

If you own a small lending firm, you probably hope to attract larger and larger clients so your firm can grow. You are also probably aware of the potential of receiving a client whose needs are so big, you simply cannot fulfill them. If this happens, it can seem like your hands are tied and your only option is to turn them away. Capner Business Capital offers you another option. Consider entering into our referral and broker program and turn your client over to us. This way, you can still benefit from having attracted such an appealing client in the first place. We offer generous commissions on referrals, as well as many other great benefits:

  • Avoid damaged reputation for turning clients away
  • Future reciprocals for clients who return
  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Short time for payment after closure

When you refer a client to Capner Business Capital, you never have to worry about their needs being met. We are a nationally recognized financing company, meaning we can fulfill even the largest of loans. Plus, we prioritize service above all else. We make sure that every client is satisfied, regardless of whether or not they came to us directly. Every business is in a unique situation, so no two loans should ever be exactly the same. This is our philosophy, and the reason why we work alongside each client to determine the best option for them.

Working With Capner Business Capital

We are also looking for talented and capable individuals to join our team. Do you have a deep understanding of commercial finance? Do you really care about helping small business owners achieve success? Do you have the charisma skills to explain complicated financial concepts clearly? If so, you would be a great addition to Capner Business Capital. Give us a call to learn more about the benefits of working with us.