Smart Accounts Receivable Financing Solutions

Both new and established companies can struggle with cash flow issues. Unexpected expenses and fluctuating demand are typical causes, but slow-paying customers can also stand in the way of obtaining much-needed cash. Capner Business Capital offers access to cash locked up in unpaid invoices through accounts receivable financing.

Leveraging Your Receivables

Capner’s accounts receivables financing products are available for any type of business. In most cases, your company will receive its cash in 24 hours. With AR financing, more funds become available as your sales and receivables increase. Not only that, your newly augmented cash flow allows your company to complete unexpected or large orders and achieve other critical goals. Besides these perks, our AR financing offers several more key benefits:

  • Free credit insurance on your customers and clients
  • No fixed payments
  • No personal guarantees required
  • No-recourse AR financing

The additional capital from financing receivables opens many possibilities. Paying for operating expenses, purchasing additional inventory and covering expansion costs become much easier. The added cash also allows you to handle seasonal revenue shifts as well as be ready for large orders and unexpected growth and expansion opportunities.

Achieve Your Business’s Financial Goals

Capner Business Capital offers many kinds of financing products designed to assist new and existing businesses in reaching their goals. Get in touch with our financing pros to learn how we can help you obtain the capital you need.